A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.” (David J. 2020).

 According to Hubspot over 90 percent of consumers trust family and friend’s suggestions more than advertising. WOM also known as word of mouth is a way of expressing and sharing about something socially which triggers and influence people within a conversation without realising the fact of advertising it. WOM has the power to build and destroy you faster than any other ways of formal advertising. Dell had its reputation crumble down in 2005 when a customer blogged the viral term ‘Dell Hell’ (Vikalpa)

So how exactly is WOM going to help you spread your brand’s ideas?

WOM works as a critical building block for your business. With the proliferation of social media in our lives the word of mouth of consumers now has the power of influencing global clientele through the use of internet (eWOM). The brands not just need to advertise their products but connect with their customers through shared stories, new experiences and higher user quality. All of this is to help the consumers form a greater idea of the brand and pass them on to other people who might be prospective clients. 

Variety and unique offerings to the market along with exceptional customer service is realised to be the best strategy to improve your WOM. WOM just not quickly fix your problems, it’s a long-term process to build up a name to bring it in people’s mind and then become a topic of their conversations.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, which once successful can-do wonders but it is tough to develop initially. Getting the customers excited and interested about your product, it requires amazing service, an exclusive identity and concrete reputation along with good offerings.

Through the understandings of word of mouth, it is conclusive that an effective use of it can lead high profits in the organization as it has high returns with less input. It reduces the expenditure in marketing and gives exceptional sales results.

Through the right use of WOM or eWOM, your brand can go viral before you know it!

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